OOOOOOH…XAAAANGA!!  wow…my first entry in one of these!!  It’s like……anti-bacterial moisturizing hand gel with vitamins B and E and Aloe!  heh..well, seriously, this is pretty new to me…forgive me if I do sum’n wrong, all you xanga pros!!  (of course only like, 5 ppl will know about this by tomorrow..haha!) 

Hmmm…it’s almost 10 PM right now…mommy let me get on xanga real quick to set it up and everything…THANKEE, MOMMEE!    Umm…let’s see…nutt’n extraordinary happened today…Quack is getting dumber each time I watch it.  We gotta watch the first episode again–’twas a classic!  Lookin forward to Bible tomorrow–“destroying babylon” or sum’n..haha!  And I get to bug “Dr. Pepper” yet again! wee!  I believe that IS my mission in life!  Ooh! my foot’s asleep!  I can’t believe the week’s almost over!  It felt like a monday..idk why. ah hweeee….yes, ah hweeee..Not too fond of cheerleading at the moment.  We worked all practice on this aw’sm routine, only to have our hopes dashed by the captain saying she didn’t like it.  I’m not like, upset or anything, but I mean…we worked ALL practice!!  oh..well, mommy’s asking me to get off…sooooo, i’m gonna end it here….maybe I’ll write again?  who knows!  well, peace out and God bless ya’ll!!!!



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