mmmmmk….well, this is odd…i dont even know if you can see this!!  my xanga’s acting up…maybe it’s just me…lol–idk.  anyway, hey!  School is over!! yay!!  been looking forward to Friday all week!  yes–finally i can talk on the phone!! weeeheee!  I have realized i do not want children.  heh…they’re very loud and cry often…and my shirt is wet after i hold one.  but they’re cute…sometimes. 

Ah, my legs are sore.  for the past 3 days it’s been nuttin but workout and preparing for a stupid peprally that doesn’t even matter!!  But it was the cuuuutest little routine i’ve ever seen!  well..that’s a lie…but it’s the cutest one i’ve seen us do all year!  (being that the year just started..ahahahaee!)  Dude!  I lost my Bible–you know, the one that’s all tattered n torn?  yeeeah…if anyone knows where it is (it’s not hard to spot), pleeeease contact meeee!!  I might be Avril Lavigne for YO on the 31st.  just cuz.  wee!  Ashley is excited!!!!  aha…well, yeah.  Stuff has been sooo weird lately.  *sigh* it’s hard to explain.  I just seem to be perceived differently by different people–whether annoying, sarcastic, or just stupid..idk, but oh well.  This week is over, and the next one will most likely be better.  Just gotta look on the bright side of things!!

Yay!  Voy a bailar manana!!    weeee!!!  exciting!!  And I get to teach Joey how to do the cumbia…should be muuuuuuy interesante!!! lol!!  hmm..i might edit this l8er..gotta go now..cuz, actually, dunno if i’m supposed to be on! haaaaaaaa!  peace!!



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  1. Ash you should tell mo peoples about this xanga.  I hope you have fun doing the cumbya.  I hope you don’t think I’m perceving you differently, cuz you’ve always been the best to me and I trust you with my life.  You’re true blue and we’re like Frodo and Sam!  I wouldn’t have “gotten far without you!”


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