Ooooh!  fuuun!  I’m using a FREE trial of Xanga Premium!  I didn’t even sign up for it! aiit! soo, went to that dance last night w/ my rents, Les and Joey.  omg!  the dance floo’ was sooooo small! I’m just not used to dance floors being that small–ah well, I only danced one song anyway.  But I had fun talking to my Tia Lupe, Uncle Pando, Joey and Les at diff. random times. hah.  ok..this was for some wedding to 2 ppl I’ve never met, right?  and my dad MADE me do the dollar dance with the groom!  my goodness, have we no dignity?  I get up there, and I’m all, “uuuh..congratulations…i dont know you?”  psah.  ah well.  We stayed there for only 2 hours, and Leslee left early.  So, ma rents took Joey and me to Sack n Save to get food, then we went back to my place *giggle* and watched “About A Boy,” and my mommy made us nachos!  Buenos nachos, to be exact!  It was great fun.    I started getting tired, though, and by the time it was 12:30 or so, we had to take Joey home.  AND IT WAS SOOOO FLICKIN cold out there (like my word? )  So, like all the way there, Joey and I were kinda cuddling. ah, so cute! yes.  Anyway, that was fun. 

Next week at YO we get to dress up!!   Ashley is excited!!!  I have a myriad of things I’d like to dress up as….but idk..i might not get to go as anything.  MARIA…I JUST MET A GIRL NAMED MARIA!  hah! twas great!  Annie and I were singing that tonight on the way back from YO….ooh!  TOOONIIIIIGHT! TOOOONIIIIIGHT! lol!  Annie- dream of Paaaapppy, tooonight!  lol.  The Robe is an excellent book!  only on Ch. 2, but I can tell like, MAJORLY it’s gonna be a spazz!  I’m looking forward to school tomorrow.  Should be a much better week than last week.  Well, my 10 min. are up. Gotta get ta bed now!!  Peace out, and smile, cuz Jesus loves you!!!! 



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