Ahhh…yet another long day ended.

Oh boy, this morning started off horrendously (sp?) my goodness!!  Ok..I wake up and my hair hates me–no matter how I fixed it, it always looked bad!  so I just put it up.  Then, I ironed a skirt I didn’t even wear, and got burned!!  ohmagoodness!  hurt like sneezes!!    Not to mention my room is an utter disaster!  Clothes everywhere..clothes clothes clothes clothes…AND I’M EXTREMELY POOR!  oh, yes, you can pity me if you want.  ah..but the rest of the day went well.

I was soooooo looking forward to English today!  Miss C. showed us her h/s play from back in her day (which, really, wasn’t that long ago), and ohmagoodness!  sooo adorable!!  That made my day.  That, and the fact Dr. Polman always gets onto me for getting on his nerves.  life is grand!

I guess Les is back together with Jamsey.  I’m not quite sure what happened there…I’ll find out tonight, though.  My sweet sister Leslee is coming to visit!!!  You’ve no idea how much I miss her!!  There will just be random times I’ll just start crying cuz I miss her.    Stupid apartments!  heh..and Miss C. reminds me soooo much of her…I guess cuz they went to the same school for a while…and are the same age…and kinda act the same, but not really…yk? 

Gotta finish reading the ROBE for history–by next friday!  and i’m on like, page 70 or so….out of flickin 508!!! so, like, I can’t do anything real fun until Sunday, when we go to YO and dress up! weeheehee!! But until then, I just gotta try REEEAL hard to stay on track–if I wanna get into beloved UNT or TCU!  my lips were on fire last night. mama makes a mean hot sauce! aw, the cutest face! lol  Well, I realize all my entries are pretty long.  Don’t mean to bore you, but hey, you wanted to look at my site! lol  Dude, you think THIS is long…you should see my real journal!  like, at least 3 pages a day! written! well, gotta finish reading, spanish, and chemistry. blahzee. 


btw, I miss partying.

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  1. I would write as much as you but I have somewhat of a one-track mind.  I usually start writing about something (usually paintball) and then the whole entry is about that. HAHHA!  I liked your hair today even though you didn’t! HEHE.


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