ok…I promise not to make a habit of writing everyday!!

Wow…Bible today was JUST what I needed.  I’ve been struggling with something in my spirit, and this was a confirmation–a wakeup call, if you will…Jesus is soooo beautiful!  That, and I’m reading the Robe…idk, it doesn’t talk about Jesus himself a whole bunch, but you get the jist of it…I couldn’t put it down!!  on ch. 7!!  go me!!!  But yeah…I’m so glad Mr. C is back!!  I knew he’d bring back some words of encouragement for me!!  It’s sooo cool to think about Jesus–I mean, you think about it…He wants your attention, your affection, your thoughts….He wants to be part of everything you do.  He’ll fight for you, and is jealous when your thoughts/attention go to anything/one else other than him.  that makes me feel so special!!!!

Today was okay…I got MAJOR problems in Geometry, though.  Hoping Joey can help me out tonight…if not, I AM screwed!!  It gets me sooooo upset, cuz I don’t understand what Mr. Heinie is saying…and then when I ask questions, he’s either really hesitant to respond, or doesn’t respond at ALL!!!  Ah, well.  I like being a girl.  I get to dress up in cute little clothes!!   Like…I’m Avril Lavigne this year for halloween, and I had suuuch a blast w/ my mom last night shopping for my clothes etc.  I’ve yet to buy that blonde-dye spray…w/e you call it!!  But I’m excited!! 

btw, thanx to Jay for helping me on my little situation today…remember, during Spanish?  yes…you have great advice, and I just wanted to thank you.  Will you tell me if i’m going over the top on…you know?

Well, Driver’s Ed is in like, 10 minutes…Jay is actually picking me up! So, I better wrap up this oh so short ESSAY of an entry! weeheheheee!!  Argh, I still gotta call Spiderman to give me back my CD, Jaimie!!! REMIND MEEEEE!!

Adios to all!  POBRE ANA!!  Tengo sed!  Quiero saltar!! *giggle*


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  1. Uh oh!  Looks like Hamzilla has discovered this. lol.  No problem chica!  We can be crazy or dead serious in spanish ANYDAY!! haha!  “and grace my fears released…” BEEEP BEEP  Thank God. *HUG* luv ya till the end!


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