Aaaaah…I get to write again! whopeee!!  Mexican ppl are soo cool!

Ah, well…our Youth Orchestra got to play with the Youth Orchestra of Mexico today!  It was so awesome!  I got to meet one that actually spoke English! His name was….Arturnandoio….er, somthing…!  It started out great!  I taught Ty how to cheer a little (or at least stunt), and I hung out w/ the “el conquistador” at random times.  Hopefully I’ll be able to witness to him!  should be interesting!  He kept saying “I’m a Pisces, I’m still searching for truth..”  those of you who know who I’m talking about, please feel free to tell me ways I can witness to him!  (btw, he voted for Bush!!  )

Cheered at my first game last night!!!!  I actually hate cheerleaders….i do not know why. lol  But it was fun, and my voice was hoarse a little today…got better after some water and an apple, though.  Oh yeah!  and I got to see a donkey!  We named him Sleepy!  He was soooo cute!!  He had highlights in his mane…well, there was this party after the concert w/ the Mexican YO, and so my mom, Les and I took Joey to it…we hung out there, and it was cool!  Except for the part where Joey and I went w/ Cory and Hannah off to this lonely poopy trail to a herd of longhorns who “growled” at us, as Joey would say, and I’m SURE would’ve charged at us if one hadn’t growled especially too loud.  And I wore a red shirt!!! Oh noooo!  pobre me!! ah, well…But we walked a while down a trail that kinda led to dark woods….it was scary, so I made Joey turn back.  He’s such a sweetheart to succumb to my demands.  hah! just kidding!  But it was quite pleasant walking with him, holding his hand and talking.  I love him to death!

Oh, talkt to James’s madre today, ya’ll!  He’s doing really well, and he’s becoming closer w/ God, and respecting his authorities a lot more–I’m so excited!  I get to talk to him around Thanksgiving!  It should be interesting to know just what has changed him…I wonder if it’s just his being away from distractions…idk.  But i miss him, and keep him in your prayers, okay?

The Robe was an excellent book!  Beautifully depicted, it made me see Jesus in a different way, and made me analyze my life differently as well.  Jesus is so beautiful…I smile every time I think about him.  And, after reading that book, it made me realize…nothing in this world matters more to me than Jesus.  I mean, he’s the only reason I live–the only reason I breathe.  If i’m not witnessing to others about him, then I’m not living up to my life’s expectation.  I could be the most famous conductress by the time I’m 19…but if I haven’t done what Jesus commissioned me to do, then it’s meaningless…a, uh…”chasing after the wind,” as Solomon would say.  Ah, well…I must bid thee farewell!!  *sigh* I just KNOW you missed my 7 page-long entries!!   cyaz l8r!!!  you!



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  1. But how could you hate cheerleaders if you are one?  lol.  Heheh.  I hope you lead el conquistador to Jesus.  That would be the coolest thing ever. I’m glad James is doing good.  “Spanish, SPAnish, SPANISH!!”  *falls off chair*  hahah!  sweet memories.  blah.  I love you chicky.  Jesus shines through you!


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