Aha!  another entry!!  This horrendous week is over finally!!!    And I’m waiting till Thanksgiving to read Silas Marner.  My English project went really well, though!  It was fun.  Region is tomorrow, and I’m sooo nervous!!  I hope I do okay…I really wanna make state again!!  Well, I guess I’ll update on THAT after I get back from church tomorrow.  Can you believe?  Only a little while now till Christmas!  Then my birthday/homecoming!!  and then, school will be over…then another year…and another birthday…and before you know it, I’ll be married with 2 kids and a cuddly house somewhere!!!     ahem.  j/k!  But it is cool that this first semester has gone by so fast. 

It’s soooo cold!  And I know Jaimie’s excited!! She’s been WAITING for it to get cold!  Yay for Jaimie!!  I’m excited, too.  Me gusta el otono (witha little squiggly over the “n”).  Ah, but I’m tired..and I”m watching Disney channel right now.   I know what I’m doing tonight!….calling my sister…maybe she can come over and hang…then…..I’ll snuggle under a big comforter with her, and we’ll watch an Adam Sandler movie, then drink hot cocoa…but not stay up late, cuz I have region….maaaan!    but mommy’s massaging my back right now…..  feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel gooooooooooooooooooood……well, i’m gonna go put on ma ‘jammies, then chill.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…it feels sooooo good!! yay!  peace out, ya’ll!!! NOs VaMoS!!!



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