Aaaah!!  Hello, ya’ll!! Nice to see you again! ::  I’m watching some PBS thing about the assassination of Prez. Kennedy.  It’s pretty scary–did you know the top of his head FLEW off, and his wife had to stop his brain from sliding off the back of the car???  Dude–morbid!!  Some ppl are just sick, ya know? 

Cheered tonight.  It was okay.  The crowd wasn’t excited, so our cheering was in vain.  But it was actually pretty cool–got to see Joey for a while.  That was fun!  I love hanging out w/ him!!  It’s great, cuz like, our “anniversary” was Wednesday, Nov. 17!!  ONE YEAR; none of this “ah, it’s our three week anniversary..” lol..not that there’s anything wrong with “three week anniversary”…but yeah.  It’s exciting!! It’s my first!! yaay!!   (Miss C, you’ve yet to meet him!!) 

Thanxgiving is coming up Thursday!!  It’s gonna be a really girl-day, I think.  The guys are going to the game, and so it’s gonna be like, Erika, Kat, Les, Mom and me.  I love these days!  And like, how it is on Christmas–the guys usually go to theh playroom and watch the game, and the girls occupy the living room, watching chick flix.  I really hope it snows this Christmas!!  I miss snow–i missed it last year!! :: yeaah.

Anyway, I’l probably get off now.  My sista is here right now!!  I love Leslee!!  I miss her so much–I’m so lonely w/o her.  I mean, yeah, my parents are here, and I have buddies to talk on the phone w/…but, not the same.  Hopefully she’ll spend the night, cuz I REALLY miss her.  So, ya’ll, I’m gonna go ahead and sign off.  I LOVE WHAT WE’RE PLAYING IN YO!! YAY!!  Weee!  Peace out, ya’ll!!!



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  1. It does kinda stink, huh?  Whenever your sister is not around?  I get the same way when Annie’s up at college late every day.  Having a sister is like having a best friend in a take-out box!! heheh!  “Welcome to CHINESE restaurant.  The traditional and typical of chinese history and cultural.  Product of CHINA!”


  2. ciao bella.  took me awhile to figure out whothis was.  have u seen my piano teacher lately? 😉 u know… Andre Franco?  hey do u know who Andre Rieu is?  ❤ :-* my heart is torn btw Andre and Evgeni and Alexei.  ovie!  and it WILL snow!  im a believer!  im outie, @L!


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