Hey, ya’ll!!  Boy, am I excited it’s cold!!  I love the cold weather–time to snuggle and cuddle and all that jazz!!  and hot cocoa!  I’ve had like, maybe 30 packets this month!  I’m so cool!

Sooome craaaaaaaaazy schtuff happened a little while ago.  my cuz Scarlett had this asthma attack, and when she gets it, she gets it BAD!  So my mom had to go to Walgreens to get her medicine, and it was crazy.  Much crying on my mom’s part, but my cuz is fine.  Boy, God is soooo good!! 

School is pretty nifty…oh! In bible today, I got prophesied over!! it was soo cool!  I think I’m gonna start hearing God’s word a LOT clearer now!!  He is so amazing; dunno how my life would be w/o him!! actually, i do..and, quite literally, it would be HELL!!  so, I’m glad he’s my friend!

Les is getting her corrective surgery manana.  She can’t eat past midnight tonight, so pray hard for her!  she’s so excited, but so terribly nervous!  and she’s got this medicine that has instructions like “if you suspect you might be having an overdose…” lol. hard core stuff rite thur! 

I caint wait for Christmas!!  should be awesome!  I might go to 2 masses Christmas Eve!! How exciting! I love going to church; it’s so fun!  And especially at Christmas time; I’m VERY close w/ Jesus there! I just stare at the crucifix, and just admire his love for me.  Catholics are so underrated, btw.  We’re not at all as the world makes us seem.

Well, I’mma gonna jet now.  just thought i’d jot down some snuggly notes.  uuuuh…yeah, guess that’s it!  Peace out!  And smile, because Jesus loves you!  AND JAIMIE’S BEAUTIFUL!! FO REALS, YA’LL!  YOU SHOULD SEE THAT AWESOME PIC ON HER XANGA!! ouch, mama!


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