Aha!  this computer is sooo silly-fast!!  whoa–you click a button and it’s there!  yum!  Hey again!  How was ya’lls day? (post comment to answer)  mine was UTTERLY FANTASTIC!!!  ok..I was up till 12 in the morning reading stuff in 2 Chronicles!  I mean, who finds things in 2 Chronicles?? lol  anyway, God really spoke to me!  I mean, I was just sitting there, and he was moving my hand, writing everything he was saying.  It was amazing–when I was done reading, I just sat in awe.  I was so excited, I told my daddy, mommy and Mr. C about it as well–I swear, I have A.D.D when it comes to the Bible heh..I just get so excited about new things I find, I can’t really stay on track! oh well…you love me anyway, right?

My sister’s corrective surgery went well today *giggles and winks at Miss C.*  I get to baby her, and it makes me feel like she’s living here again.  I miss her.

Just a week and a half, and then I’m home free!!  But I’ll miss Youth Orchestra SOOO much!  wont play for what, a month?  ah, well.  I’m sure I’ll see Joey a whole bunch over the break anyway. 

Speaking of which, I’ve grown so attatched to him!  And it still blows me away whenever I think about it–one year!  and counting!  I Love him so much, I don’t know what I’d do/where I’d be without him.  He always helps me see the brighter side of situations, and keeps me right on my spiritual walk.  He’s my one and only Huggiebear!  ❤ him 4ever!

Well, my 10 minutes are up, and I’m gonna go ahead and get off now.  I’ll write lata!  peace out!!


(p.s., for those who are easily nausiated by mushy love talk, I apologize, but I really do Love Joey a lot!!


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