HEY HEY HEY!!! *voice of Fat Albert*

I wrote a poem like, 5 minutes ago, and posted it on poetry.com.  I’m gonna show it up here, though…if you dont wanna look through my 14 poems (or so..lol)


I’ve never stared quite as long

At the stars before tonight.

I’ve never thought the moon above

Had ever shone this bright.

I’ve never heard the leaves

Whisper before so mildly

And I’ve never seen the trees

In the wind dance this gracefully.

I never thought I could feel

This happy and so carefree.

I never imagined this feeling

To overwhelm all of me.

I’ve never wanted to shout

IN the middle of the street

Just how ecstatic I am, and

That you quicken my heart beat.

I’ve never felt this way;

Just so bright and so new.

For tonight, you have said it:

“I Love you.”

by me!!

today started out fun–worked at my church from 9:30-12:00, at this Breakfast w/ Santa thing for little kids.  I had to sit on Santa’s lap. dont ask me why I did–it seemed rude not to.  He called me over, and was like, “Did you already tell me what you wanted for Christmas?”  and I said, smiling angelically “n-nothing, really.  I’m fine.  ”  And then Mrs. Claus told me, “come sit in santa’s lap!” so, i did.  

Santa- “There’s nothing you want?”

me- “not really…I’m fine this year.”

Santa- “What about for other ppl?”

me- “My friend wants a mini Cooper.”

Santa- “Do you want a big Cooper?”

me- “no..I dont want a car.  I want you to get stuff for Christmas, Santa!”

Santa- “All I want is happiness, and peace!”

me- “Me, too!!  Rock on! *^5*”

Santa- “Well, Ashley, have a Merry Christmas!  And God bless you, okay?”

me- “God bless you too, Santa!  merry Christmas!”

Santa- “I love you, Ashley!”

me- “I love you too, Santa!!”

by the way…I actually don’t know how he knew my name!! well, i’m gonna go chill w/ rents!! lyl!!!  byeeeee!!


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