wuuuud up???

Exams are finally over!!  Now I get like, a couple weeks just to chill, snuggle and party!!  aah..can’t wait!  I sooo need this break!!  hmm..anyway..I get to go to a retreat tomorrow!!  I’M SOOOO EXCITED!!!  I need this as well..just to get away and get even closer with God.  If I wasn’t a fool for love, I’d probably be a nun. haha!  but I want kids…so whatchagonnado?

I’m happy–like, veryyyy happy!  and yet….lonely…

Scar is the coolest! rawks da hizzouse! lol

hmm..well, not alot left to say.  gymnastics tonight from 6-7..then hopefully Joey will come over.  So I can say at least see him..haven’t seen him or talkt to him all week…hope that happens!! 

well, gotta go now.  this is purty borin, huh?  well…i’m in a boring mood, i guess.  ttyl.



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  1. ya for gymnastics.  Annie is shocked and smiling.  heeh.  ahhh well…MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Come over okay?  Quote from Annie: “I remember you saying that you were going to take gymnastics but I didn’t know you actually were!  Where are you taking it?  I just want to know because I took gymnastics for like five years!”  okay..I heart you!


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