Heeey heeey, ya’ll!

Retreat was beautiful!!  I felt God’s presence soooo much—and, I went and talkt w/ Jesus on this dock of this beeeeaaautiful lake!! Much like the one at Eagle Mountain, Jaimie, but, in my opinion, prettier.  idk…maybe it’s the Catholic in me! haha!  Dude, never seen so many young Catholics in one place!!  it was sooo fun, though!  Met a lot of new ppl, and had a lot of good times!  (Though Ferrari and Jonathan and David kept waking 101 up!!  darn you!!)  But it was a lot of fun–I know so much more about the Catholic faith now.  WE DONT WORSHIP MARY!!!  WE DONT PRAY TO SAINTS!!  lol! but most of my buds know I aiint like that—“I dont roll that way” haha!

I’m not lonely.  I”m not sad.  I’m just ecstatic cuz Jesus loves me, and he will talk to me any time, any where!  Isn’t that just FANTASTIC to know?????  I’ve never had a closer friend.  And walking on that dock with him–and looking out at the lake w/ him…was just so wonderful.  That has to be what heaven is like–just talking to him, holding his nail-scarred hand, looking into his loving eyes and just smiling.  I love Jesus!! 

I got to see Joey Friday night before I left.  I haven’t seen/talkt to him a lot this week–*sigh*, but the holidays are here, and I’ll be able to see more of him b4 school starts.  I’m hoping we work things out for Christmas.  Cuz you bought me an 18 piece puzzle that makes a computer, right, babe?  lol!  oh!!  Abilene for us on the 8th of January! pray for us in advance!

I want to party


well, I love life, and I’m gonna go..hang w/ my mommy now!!  I luv my mommy!  and I love you!  POOPIE DOOP!! (that’s my sister’s name! lol) peace!!!


p.s.- Miss C, did you have a good trip???

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  1. That’s awesome Ash!  Fall in love with Jesus…he’ll never let you down.  šŸ™‚  You inspire me.  Oh I want you to read something sooo cool.  Go to castingcrown  ‘s xanga site…and look at the entry about guys and girls.  It rocks.  He got over 100 eprops on it–it spoke to alot of people.  What a cool kid. 


  2. My trip was great! Thanks for asking. You can read all the details on my post. And now that it’s really late at night, I have to go pack for my next trip. Traveling is such a blast!!
    Love you bunches! And I’m glad your retreat went well.


  3. ay que lindo refresco no?  nothing like learning tons about catholic faith.  Baltimore Catechism is my favorite book.  Do you keep up on Marian apparitions?  I’ve come to dearly love and pray to our Dear Lady.  What if we were the Fatima children? what if I was Bernadett?  ever wonder?  u go girl! we dont worship and we dont pray.  I cant help but have Catholic pride. you inspired me.  thank you dearly form a blog ring.  let’s review our CCD together.  what does that stand for anyways?
    Jesus never lets u down? darn right jaimie.  when will i ever learn that?  cant tell you the many lovers that have walked out of my life.  they just seem to be so dry.  sigh.
    k ā¤ chika ciao bella


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