I’m lost in a sea of faces..

*giggle* go KUTLESS!! lol!

Sup, ya’ll?  I went shoooooooppping today!! with JOEY!!    Dude!!  This is like, the 2nd time we’ve done something w/ just like, the two of us!  It was pure bliss I’ve yet to buy his gift.  But Jay, Annie, Callie, Katie and my Mom will get theirs soon.  Callie–remember what I asked you?  About that one CD?  yeah..DONT GET IT!! lol.  just dont, okay?  Aaand..Jay and Annie, whenever I see you guyses next, I’ll give you your gifts.  Hope you like it!    And Katie–I had to split up your Christmas/birthday gift..I got you 2 things, but I’m giving them one at a time..is that okay? lol

It was a lot of fun today!  At first, I didn’t think I’d be able to go–what, with it being just Joey and me..but Mom was cool about it (I made it up to her by getting her this expensive perfume set from CK..from Joey and me!! yay! such a sweetie!).  So I was there from like, 12:23-3:03–he bought me some Turtle something Coffee from “Coffee Beanery”..er sumn..and we just shopped around a lot–for our ppl on our lists. But he couldn’t get mine, and I couldn’t get his, cuz, yeah..it would ruin the surprise! lol.  So I have to go prob. tonight to get his.  We talked a whole bunch about a whole lot of stuff…he’s such a sweetheart!  I Love him to death! yay!

well..Christmas Eve is coming up!!  Im soooo excited–get to play at mass 2ce!!!!  I just–*sigh*  this is a good year for me.  Jesus makes my life sooo interesting, and He’s just all up in my spirit–I just LOVE JESUS SOOOO MUCH!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS…(early, anyway..lol)

well..that’s all that’s happened so far today.  I’m on the internet! yay!  Peace out!!



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  1. awww yay!  Joey ❤ Ash!! We should definitely do something soon. My mom said you could probably come over Wednesday–it might snow!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS snow is good, precious.  Very good.  Oh and ROTK extended version just came out.  heehehe.  I got music on my xanga!!!!!


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