Sup, ya’ll???

Christmas was wonderful!!  Joey came over at 12:43, and hung out w/ my HUUUUGE family till like, 4:38.  It was great!  I got an mp3 player, the Flyleaf debut album, a couple purses..”MEAN GIRLS” poster! omg!  sooo cool! then, I went over to Joey’s house for the rest of the night (!) from 4 sum’n to around 9.  It was great!!  I got a BEAUTIFUL Lorus watch, a squishy purple pillow, and some Hello Kitty bubble bath stuff from Joey.  It was sooo wonderful!!  Sooo excited!! 🙂 I needed some of that stuff–it was great. And from Katie I got a calender w/ all sorts of beautiful exotic cats, and a tiger picture frame!!  Makayla got me a 1000 piece puzzle of a few cheetahs (lol–it will take me some time–COME OVER AND HELP ME, YA’LL! LOL), and the whole family got me some lavander and vanilla body stuff, and a precious leopard fuzzy purse, and a box of candy! it was wonderful.

Later on, we hang out–Joey, Katie, me, Stepho, and Jay, and played Scrabble.  That was fun!  Never played before.  sooo aw’sm!  Then, we went upstairs and watched Meet the Parents, and it was wonderful!  A perfect Christmas–didn’t need for it to be white!

I’m sooo happy!!!! I just love life, and Love my JESUS!!

Well, yeah. that was my Christmas.  TEll me bout yours, okay?  dying to hear em! i gotta go download a sogn from Counting Crows-“Accidentally in Love” *giggle*.  Peace out, ya hur???

❤ ya!


I’m in Love w/ Joey!!


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  1. OOh I like that song.  It’s from Shrek 2.  “So I said what’s the problem baby?  What’s the problem? I don’t know, well, maybe I’m in love…!”  Okay I’ll stop :).  I love you o so much.  I’m glad your Christmas was awesome!  I want you to come over SOON. As in, a few days, not a few years.  I’ll blame it on your schedule so I can be guiltless.  jk!!


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