I wanna put music on my xanga…either from my mp3 player *preferred* or from some cool site, like Flyleaf or Demon Hunter or Counting Crows ur sum.  help me!!



actually..I only chose this song cuz it’s one of the only ones i found that i like..if there’s anyway I can get a good Christian Rock song to loop, lemme know?

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  1. okay silly let me help u… go to Music_Galore ( u can get the lil link thing off my xanga ) and then pick a song! and hten follow the instructions.. u have to like copy a code or something somewhere… idk – see really kimber did it for me so i honestly have no idea but thats a start! okay i love u lotz and lotz .. bye bye!
    *Elena Dear*


  2. Or you can go to tunage or XangaMusic…uh…the subscription list is not shown on my site, but it’s on a bunch of others’.  I think tunage is the best, but it’s hard to find songs.  Go to the toolbar under “edit” and select “find (on page).”  Type in the artist, and it’ll be there.  I can guarantee that “Accidentally in Love” is on there.  Look under “Soundtracks” and then “Shrek 2.”  Hope that helps!! ❤ yoo foo


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