BodyRock Workout 3 Review

Up for a little friendly competition?

This workout is short–only 12 minutes!–and can be a fun way to compete with a friend or spouse. I was sore for about four days after this workout, so don’t be fooled by its duration. You will get a killer workout, especially if you push yourself!

“You Make Me Feel” Workout

Target areas: Legs, Back, Arms, Glutes, Abs

Regimen style: Tabata (10 sec. rest, 50 sec. work), 3 rounds

Gym equipment: Optional. You’d only need it for the “Sandbag combo,” but like I’ve said in previous posts, you can use a full/heavy sports bag or backpack in lieu of something like a barbell. Please use your GymBoss Interval Timer!

Please watch the video. Click here to see the original post. Listed below the video are my notes of each exercise. If that’s not helpful to you, you can feel free to just use the video. As always, feel free to leave me a comment if you’ve tried this workout, or if you have any suggestions for me. Thank you!!

Breakdown of routine:

Set your timer for 12 rounds of 10 sec. rest/50 sec. work.

  1. Ninja Jump Tuck – Please watch Zuzana’s tutorial at the end of the video for a modified version. I’ve gotten pretty good at this one. You’ll know you have it down when you feel it everywhere.
  2. “Sandbag” Combo – (a) Deadlift (b) Squat (c) Backward Lunge and Press. Repeat. I used a 30 lb. barbell and Corbet used dumbbells.
  3. Highknees with Knee Cross Pushups – 6 high knees, 2 total knee cross pushups.
  4. Plank Jacks – Keep that butt DOWN.

Word of Caution: I thought I had injured my back after this exercise. The muscles in between my shoulder blades felt particularly tight for a while. Please make sure that you go slowly with yourself on these exercises to reduce the chance of injury. I think the knee cross pushups did it for me, as that was a move I’d never done before.

Let me know if you tried this and how you felt afterwards!

Unless it's consensual, friendly competition. Obviously.

Unless it’s consensual, friendly competition. Obviously.


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