Sean Vigue Killer Core Workout 4 Review

Time flies when you’re kicking butt!

This workout is about 27 minutes long, but I promise it goes by quicker than that! This is a sequel to another workout I’ve done of his, but you don’t need to see the first video to be caught up. 🙂 I only had time to do this one workout (this was Tuesday night–late posting today!), but boy do I still feel it in my core! Check it out!

Target ares: Total core engaged, Legs, Back

Regimen style: Pilates and Calisthenics

Gym equipment: None

Please watch the video. Listed below the video are my notes of each exercise. If that’s not helpful to you, you can feel free to just use the video. As always, please leave a comment if you’ve tried this workout, or if you have any suggestions for me. Thanks! 

Breakdown of routine: (I did this real time)

  1. Knee Ups – about 20-30 reps
  2. Lunges with Torso Twist – 20 reps total
  3. Easy Burpees – 10 reps
  4. Flutter Kicks – 20 reps
  5. Ceiling Walk – 20 reps (OMG MY LEGS)
  6. Pendulum Swing – 10 reps
  7. Double Straight Leg Stretch -12 reps (No but seriously my legs were burning. Legs and abs. Oh my.)
  8. Crunching Frogs – 20 reps
  9. Superman military presses – 20 reps
  10. Swim (opposite arm/leg) – 10 seconds
  11. Turtle Pose – 20 reps
  12. Full Walk-outs – 10 reps (you will feel your core tighten in the full plank)
  13. “Swimming in a Circle” – 20 reps
  14. Wolf Pose – 10 reps per leg, 20 reps total
  15. Cross Over Half Boat – 10 reps
  16. Wolf with Add-on Hop – 10 reps per leg, 20 reps total. Be careful with this one and listen to your body. Don’t throw your back out!
  17. Cowboy Crunch – 20 reps
  18. The Wiggler – 20 reps (This works so well!)
  19. Bicycle Crunches – 30 reps
  20. Crunch with Optional Roll Over – 10 reps per leg. Just watch the video at 18:50 for how to do it. I didn’t do the roll over.
  21. Superman to Boat – 10 reps. Hold last boat pose for 10 seconds. O_o
  22. 2 Minute Plank – Modify on your knees, but keep going! I could only do one minute before I had to modify. Butt is DOWN. I suggest doing this with him because what he says about a plank is really helpful. (23:10)
  23. BONUS: Revised Turtle Pose – Suspend yourself! This is crazy and you will hurt. But it feels wonderful. 🙂



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