BodyRock and Hard Abs Workout 5 Review

BodyRock-hard Abs? Mmm yes.

If you’re following along with the Squat/Pushup Challenge I posted on 6/1, congrats! You earned a rest day today! Your back should start feeling stronger already. 🙂

This workout is compiled of two separate workouts: BodyRock’s “Catching Fire” Challenge–Day 1, and an ab workout I found on Pinterest. These will get your abs feeling tight almost immediately, and your arms and legs will be on fire. Link this workout with one of the days when you’re doing the squat/push-ups that I previously posted, and you won’t be sorry the next day (though you will be totally sore).

“Catching Fire: Day 1” Workout

Target Areas: Abs, Legs, Arms (static holding)

Regimen style: Tabata [10 sec. active rest (plank), 5o sec. work], 3 rounds

Gym equipment: Optional. She uses a weighted sandbag in the video and I ended up using a 30 lb. barbell, but I think the exercise in and of itself is pretty challenging. You can use a heavy backpack if you want, or just your own body weight. Make sure you listen to your body and stop doing something if you feel pain in your joints or back! Please use your GymBoss Interval Timer.

Please watch the video. If you like this one, try out the “Catching Fire” 30 day challenge. (Or you can click here to go to the Daily Hiit website and choose from a list of different challenges to try!)  Each new workout is sent to your email address, and I promise it’s worth it. And totally free! Can’t beat that. 😉 Listed below the video are my notes of each exercise. If that’s not helpful to you, you can feel free to skip the breakdown and jump straight to the arms routine I followed (no video). As always, feel free to leave me a comment if you’ve tried this exercise, or if you have any suggestions for me. Thank you!!

Set your timer for 12 rounds of 10 sec. plank/50 sec. work. This plank (active rest) is going to make all the difference in this workout–trust me.

  1. Spiderman Kick-throughs – this takes a lot of coordination! I had it down by the second round. The modification is to do your pushup and spiderman from your knees; when you’ve done your spiderman, set your foot down so your knee is at a 90 degree angle right beside you and power your other leg up from being in the kneeling pushup position. Just as tricky; you’ll feel this everywhere.
  2. Forward Backward Lunge -Left leg.  I did this with a 30 lb. barbell and it killed. Make sure you can maintain proper form under your weight of choice.
  3. Forward Backward Lunge – Right leg (OW)
  4. Rope pulls – OW AGAIN. Your legs will be on fire after round 1, so by round 3 you’ll want to stop. Just keep telling yourself: this is only 12 minutes. Only 12 minutes.

Phew! That’s done. Now on to what makes this whole thing that much more intense:

“Rock Hard Abs” Workout

The planks will intensify what you just finished. You’ll feel so strong tomorrow!

Found on Pinterest.

Found on Pinterest.


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