BodyRock “Fusion” Workout Review 6

Fitness Multitasking = Feeling Fierce

I’ve been doing the Daily Hiit Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge, alongside the 31-day Pushup Challenge, and haven’t had much time to delve into new and interesting workouts. BUT I have tried to incorporate interesting things in with these challenges! In doing so, I created this “fusion” between BodyRock workout, pushups/squats, and abs that’ll surely leave you sore tomorrow! I sure was. 🙂

“Catching Fire: Day 18” Workout

Target Areas: Legs, Arms, Abs

Regimen Style: Tabata, 10 sec. rest, 30 sec. work

Gym Equipment: Optional. We were at the gym and just used a bench. No need for an “equalizer” if you have chairs, couches, or picnic benches. 🙂

Please watch the video. If you like this one, try out the “Catching Fire” 30 day challenge. (Or you can click here to go to the Daily Hiit website and choose from a list of different challenges to try!)  Each new workout is sent to your email address or is available on Pinterest, and I promise it’s worth it. And totally free! Can’t beat that. 😉 Listed below the video are my notes of each exercise. If that’s not helpful to you, you can feel free to skip the breakdown and jump straight to the other two exercise routines. As always, feel free to leave me a comment if you’ve tried this exercise, or if you have any suggestions for me. Thank you!!

Set your timer for 18 rounds of 10 sec. rest/30 sec. work. You’ll do this whole round three times.

  1. Bulgarian Squat (right leg) – a.k.a. “split squat,” a.k.a “leg elevated lunge.” Don’t rush these; take your time or you’ll fall off balance more than you will actually do the motion.
  2. Core Knee-in – a.k.a. “elevated Spiderman crunch.” Make sure your back isn’t bent over. Keep your core tight and you WILL feel this!
  3. Bulgarian Squat (left leg)
  4. Tricep Dips – I did these with my legs out and tried to keep my arms at 90 degrees the whole time. Modify as you need to.
  5. Mountain Climbers – These are elevated, much like the Core Knee-in, so keep the core the same.
  6. Hip Thrusts – Squeeze your butt and you’ll elevate yourself pretty far. Don’t rely too much on your arms, if you can help it.

Pushups and Squats

It was day 18 for me on this challenge, which meant meant that I did 3 rounds of 24 squats and 15 pushups. Everything was so sore! But I definitely felt strong afterwards. 🙂 I took a 10 minute break before proceeding to the next exercise.

Stability Ball Ab Routine

I found this workout on Pinterest. While the site calls it a “2-week belly flattening routine,” I’m just calling it the Stability Ball Ab Routine. It’s definitely worth a shot if you want to try it out in full! Anyway, enough talking and to the routine!

Do 12-15 reps of each exercise, holding the contracting positions for a second or so. Do total workout once to begin, twice when you’re more advanced.

  1. Reverse Crunch – start video at :40.
    Lie face up with calves resting on the ball, keeping arms at sides. Squeeze the ball between your calves and thighs, and LIFT YOUR HIPS. As the video indicates, you can make it easier by just lifting your butt. But I promise that this easier option will not work your lower abs quite as well.
  2. Rock and Roll – start video at :30.
    Start on your knees, legs about hip-width apart. Make fists and place them on the ball in front of you. Keep your body in line, abs tight, and lean forward to roll onto your forearms. (Don’t do her “make it easier” thing because that’s not going to help you at all. Either start on your knees and roll out as far as you can, or get in your plank position and be a boss.)
  3. Ball Curl – start video at :30.
    I know lots of us have done this before. Basically do your crunch on the ball, with your back at the curve of the ball. This focuses on extending the ab muscles past what you would normally do on the floor.
  4. Skier – start video at :30.
    This takes a bit of arm strength to keep your position tight. Tighten your core, have your thighs on the top of the ball, and roll to one side so that the ball is under one thigh. Return to start position, and repeat other side. Watch the video if this totally didn’t make sense. 😉
  5. Pike – start video at :30
    Okay, this is tricky. Just watch the video. In essence, you’ll do the same thing as the skier but get yourself into a pike/almost handstand position. O_o



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