Healthy “Chick-rizo” Breakfast Taco (non-Paleo)

Telling a Hispanic person, “Oh, just substitute ground chicken for chorizo” is like telling an Italian to just use “spaghetti squash because it’s healhtier.” WE DON’T WANT TO DO IT. It compromises the whole flavor and tone of what we’re going for! I like my chorizo greasy, fatty, and delicious. I think that’s kind of the point to chorizo.20160415_062235

That said, I have to recognize that, in my culture, fatty and dense foods (often using every part of the animal) was out of necessity in its original context. Rice and beans are cheap resources, using all of the animal in various ways is resourceful–including lard, which is a Mexican staple for making tortillas.

So, I was skeptical when I got in my kitchen this morning to make a breakfast taco a little more healthy. But I’m pretty impressed–I’d eat this again and won’t feel bad about it!20160415_062957

Healthy “Chick-rizo” Breakfast Taco

1 lb. 90/10 lean ground chicken
P90X Mexican spice blend (see below)
1 egg or egg whites
2 tbsp. cheese
1/2 avocado, sliced, or toppings of choice
wheat tortilla

P90X Mexican spice blend:

1 tbsp. chili powder
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
1/4 tsp. dried oregano
1.5 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. ground black pepper


  1. Heat up about 1 tbsp. of EVOO in a pan on medium-high heat. While it’s heating, mix the ground chicken and Mexican spice blend. (For a milder taste, don’t mix all the spice with the chicken. For more intense, mix all the spice + some red pepper flakes.)
  2. Cook until chicken is cooked through completely. The color is similar to that of chorizo or sausage.
  3. Remove chicken from heat and place in a bowl or tupperware for serving.
  4. Wipe down that pan, use 1 tbsp. of EVOO and make your egg (scrambled works best, but I know how delicious runny eggs are).
  5. You can heat up your tortilla on a skillet or in the microwave (on high for 12 seconds). Mostly comes in handy if you keep your tortillas in the fridge.
  6. Assemble your taco. My method was chicken, egg, cheese, 1/2 avocado for the first day I made it. The second day, I mixed it up with tomatoes and baby spinach.
  7. Toppings to consider:
    1. Greek yogurt
    2. Avocado
    3. Green peppers
    4. Salsa
    5. Pico de gallo
    6. Turkey bacon (doing regular bacon would be delicious but also would completely defeat the purpose)

Let me know how this worked out for you!


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