Who Am I, Anyway?

Glad you asked. Never talk to strangers.


I’m Ashley, and I’m from Texas, where the fall and spring are perfect and the summer heat is famously miserable. I love living here and wouldn’t want to ever be anywhere else.

I’m married to my best friend, and we have two dogs: Cinco and Susie. I’ve been married as of April 2013, so I’m still kind of getting used to everything. But it’s definitely been a fun ride. My husband is one of the best people I know (and it helps that he’s heavily into working out, too!).

1474454_10152056913696068_2062394640_nCinco and Susie

I’m part of a huge Hispanic family, my maiden name being Tambunga. If you know a Tambunga, I’m probably related to them! 😉 I have three sisters and three BILs, four nephews, two nieces, adorable parents, and over 400 cousins. THAT’S RIGHT. I love our family reunions, because I always get to meet new people!

Mother's day

That being said, I’ve always been into Mexican food. It’s probably my favorite type of food out there! So spice. Much flavor. But if any of you are familiar with how to make any type of Mexican recipe, you’ll know that there’s lots of flour tortillas, beans, a BUNCH of cheese, lard, etc. Most of this stuff is not considered Paleo, so I’ve been trying to come up with ways to have all types of food without the unnecessary calories.

P.S., I love food.


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